• The ONA perspective

    The Online News Associations’ annual conference brings together digital journalists, multimedia producers, programmers, designers and more. This year in Washington, DC, Executive Director of the ONA Jane McDonnell shared her thoughts on the future of the industry.


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  • Future of journalism: One day in Amsterdam

    Media thinkers from all over the world recently attended EJC’s one-day ‘Future of Journalism’ programme in Amsterdam, held at the PICNIC 2010 conference. Jeff Jarvis, Mark Lee Hunter, Paul Bradshaw, Rafat Ali, Howard Finberg and more featured in the line up, which debated the key challenges to the journalism industry and how to deal with them.


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  • Issues in journalism crash course

    A crash course in the changes currently impacting the journalism and media industries by James Turner, contributing editor for O’Reilly Media.


    Source: Ignite on Youtube


  • Data-Driven Journalism: What is there to learn?

    Editor of the Guardian Datablog and Datastore Simon Rogers, on its use of data in news storytelling, including examples from the ‘Afghanistan: The war logs’ project and UK government spending.

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  • Jeff Jarvis: Innovation not subsidies

    Jeff Jarvis tells Andrew Keen why the government shouldn’t subsidize journalism and how the future of journalism is entrepreneurial.


    Source: techcrunch on Youtube


  • Mediastorm’s multimedia storytelling

    Mediastorm Founder Brian Storm discusses storytelling and journalism at the 2010 C’n'B Creative Business Convention, Cologne, Germany.



    Source: European Journalism Centre on Vimeo



  • The future of investigation

    Investigative journalism is one of the most valuable - and vulnerable - elements of the journalism industry. But dwindling funds from newspapers feeling the pinch mean that investigative reporters are having to rethink how to make money in the future. Award-winning investigative journalist Mark Lee Hunter talks here of his experiences and those of his journalism students.



  • Law and ethics in a changing media ecosystem

    This Berkman Center panel addresses the role that law and the legal profession can play in journalism’s transition to the online world. Topics include reporters’ shield bill protections for online journalists, the effect of recent developments in First Amendment law, media reform and government policy, the ethics of new journalism models, and access to public information and documents. Practicing journalists and journalism professors give their own perspective on how the legal profession can best support new journalism efforts.



    Part of the Online Media Legal Network’s 2010 conference “Journalism’s Digital Transition: Unique Legal Challenges and Opportunities” held at Harvard Law School on Friday, April 9, 2010.


  • Lessons to learn from successful online journalism businesses

    It might not feel like it, but the future of journalism is being fixed right now. It is being figured out babystep-by-babystep, one small development at a time. Each new idea and business brings something new to the table. Each failed business model is a lesson learned. The important thing is we keep watching these small individual successes and failures, figuring out why they work and, if possible, applying it elsewhere.


    With more than half of 2010 under our belt already it feels like a much more optimistic year than 2009 was. There’s less head scratching, and more doing. So what lessons can we learn from those who are already making it work?


    I’ve been looking at some notable successful online news businesses and through blogged and printed interviews and reports tried to dissect what is going well. Here then, are six things we can learn from those who are already making it work.


    Click here to discover video journalist, lecturer, blogger, and author of the e-book Next Generation Journalist, Adam Westbrook’s six top tips for online journalism business.



  • What is constructive journalism?

    News Director at DR News, Ulrik Haagerup, explains the constructive journalism concept, asking how journalists can better serve society by debating solutions, in addition to simply focusing on problems.


    Recorded at Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, June 22, 2010.
    Source: European Journalism Centre on Vimeo


  • “Networked journalism especially valid for multi-layer issues”

    Director for Strategic Outreach at the World Economic Forum, Cristiana Falcone, sums up the work so far of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Journalism.


    Recorded at Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, June 22, 2010.
    Source: European Journalism Centre on Vimeo


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    Cristiana Falcone (World Economic Forum) discusses the future of journalism, placing journalists as the moderators of wider discussions based on “a clear set of values and rules of engagement”.

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